Phil Boissiere is an accomplished executive coach, cognitive performance expert, and Silicon Valley entrepreneur.  He brings his zest for life, professionalism, and humor to all aspects of his work. He has dedicated himself to helping business leaders and entrepreneurs excel with purpose and passion. He believes that when motivated people are given the tools to succeed they will reach their goals and live a life that is rich with meaning. He brings education and an understanding of neurology and it’s role in optimal performance to his clients.

He has developed specialized approaches for helping business leaders, athletes, and entrepreneurs reach optimal performance and satisfaction. Phil constantly works to deepen his knowledge of brain science and human behavior. He has pursued expertise in brain science, advanced training in the Neurosequential Model of Therapeutics (NMT), and adult ADHD specific training at the Massachusetts General Hospital Psychiatry Academy

Phil holds a certificate in functional nutrition, which allows him to provide valuable education and insights into the role of nutrition in optimal brain performance. His believes that having an in depth understanding of both our inner thought processes as well as our internal physical make up, is critical to succeeding as an executive in today’s world.

Phil’s lectures and trainings have been well received by many institutions, including: Northwestern UniversityUniversity of San Francisco, The American Family Therapy Academy, and TEDx.

He also works with organizations, educational institutions, and businesses to create custom curriculum, trainings, and lectures.

In 2015 Phil co-founded the Elite Focus Clinic in the Silicon Valley (Los Altos, CA) with two Stanford trained psychiatrists. Elite Focus Clinic specializes in the treatment of adult ADHD, especially amongst entrepreneurs, business professionals, and attorneys connected to the tech world.

In 2014 Phil founded Beyond Focused a web based video learning series for adults with ADHD and others who are looking to achieve optimal cognitive, occupational, and personal success. The Beyond Focused for Adult ADHD video series has gained considerable popularity outside of the United States, where resources for adults with ADHD are scarce.

When Phil is not engaged in his coaching or clinical work, he is a dedicated father to his children and the husband of Erika Boissiere, MFT founder of the Relationship Institute of San Francisco.

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