Your most valuable business asset is your brain, period. Unfortunately, most executives, entrepreneurs and leaders do very little to optimize their brain function. The connection between mind and business performance is easy to see. Just think back to a time when you’ve been hungry or tired and the negative impact it had on decision making and mood. Now zoom out and look at the role negative thoughts play in dictating one’s ability to lead, innovate, and motivate. The results are often shocking.

Not all Silicon Valley executives that I coach are open to harnessing the power of their brain. They are often missing out on some critical insights, tools, and techniques that can give them an edge over the competition.

Why leave it to chance?

It doesn’t hurt to do a brief assessment of lifestyle, nutrition, exercise, and personal psychology. The information yielded can mean the difference between a mindful business leader with a high EQ and boundless energy, versus a tired and irritable executive who makes mistakes.

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